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Human beings are naturally greedy and love quick fixes. Those that do not manage to suppress this propensity end up being robbers, drug dealers, thieves, crooks and many other ill means of getting wealth. It would be interesting to note that most people would like to earn so much with very little input.

In the recent past, we have had a number of scams that have duped Zambians of their hard-earned money in excess of K60 millions through Mineral Pay, Micro Savers Hub, Heritage coin, Workmines, Waycapital, and many others. The tactic employed by these companies is to give high-interest returns on investments, they would promise 2 to 5% daily interest return. It is such that if you invest K2000 within two months you have double your money.

I should be quick to mention that there is no genuine business in the entire world that can give such returns. These scams thrive on members recruiting other members to join them. So the new members finance the payments of the older members and it then gives the impression that it is working. Those that see it be authentically working go all out to sale their assets to invest a lot more with the hope of making higher and bigger returns. Once the scammers have gathered a lot from the contributions, they just cash in and close their website and everything crumbles. This is the story of the many that lost their money recently.

Here is the message for you, if any organization comes with ridiculously high returns, that should be a red sign as that could be a possible scam. If any organization comes in with such high returns and requests you to recruit new members as a sure way of increasing your earnings then know that it could be a Ponzi Scheme also known as a pyramid scheme.

Be careful not to be scammed out of your hard-earned money. Be wise.


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