Entrepreneurship Package

Entrepreneurship Package

Course Description

Learn how to start and come up with viable business ideas.

  • This module is meant for those in schools, graduates and those looking to get started on their entrepreneurship journey.
  • No prior school certificate or degree is required.

About Instructor


    Having DLN institute will greatly impact the world positively, why?because the radical entrepreneur is very much practical in all his Ventures. For the fact that entrepreneurship is practical far from bieng only theoretical.
    Look at this friends,we have people that have been to different and expensive business schools possessing degrees and even more qualifications but they have just ended bieng good business executives and not radical entrepreneurs.
    For DNL institute you will have a radical experience of true entrepreneurship.
    In the 21st century it is a very wise decision to take a step to begin a journey with the radical institute.
    Wishing all the very best
    The future is bright with DLN institute.

      Humbled for the kind words, looking forward to brightening the future together


      Will be waiting for you


    Enterperneship packed

    This is excellent am interested.



    I want to do this Course to help me kick start my Entrepreneurship journey. I am already doing a small Business, but with the well instructions from the DNL Institute am sure I will be thoroughly equiped.

    What time do classes begin?
    What’s the duration?
    What are the mode of payments?

    I know that these are a group of entrepreneurs teaching or is it mentoring. This is good cause its best to learn from those that are engaged in business rather than a lecturer who has never operated or owned an enterprise. Although I would like to get full details on the full spectrum of benefits to the student. I would guidance, direction and access to a network of movers and shakers

    Info on fees, duration and mode of study

    Interested. Will join you soon as we endeavor to undertake this great milestone of entrepreneurship


    Am interested in but am currently a student doing midwifery. How can I incorporate this life changing entrepreneurial program?
    Your feedback will be highly appreciated.

    Iam currently working in GRZ and nothing seems to be fulfilling, I feel am not getting what am capable of, I know I have so much energy and skills to get my dreams done, all I need is an orientation to a right path to entrepreneurship which will shape me and equip me with the necessary pro approach to the the game, iam definitely interested in this program.


    Anyone who helps to uplift someone’s living standards is a hero and DLN please NOTE: YOU ARE OUR HERO IN THE BUSINESS WORLD.

    How are the payment terms and do you also offer some scholarship?

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